07 April 2018 @ 01:00 pm
Harding Baby Boomers | Part Twelve  

Last time, there were a lot of birthdays, like usual. Bill and Bilbo became adults and moved out of the main house.

Current Household:
Jefferson Harding, dad
Jordan Harding, mom
Beth, girl 10/12
Boromir, boy 9/12
Belle, girl 11/12
Berúthiel, girl 12/12
Bartemius, boy 10/12
Bev, girl 13/12
Barliman, boy 11/12
Barney, boy 12/12

The week starts with Jordan and Jefferson braving the cold to woohoo in the hot tub once the kids are at school.

Then they have some breakfast together. The stinky cake plate makes it so much more romantic.

Once the kids are home, some of the older kids have a quick lunch before work while the younger kids do their homework.

Yay! Another overachiever in the family.

And before too long, it's time for Barliman, Bartemius, and Bev to grow up.

But first, another promotion for Jordan. :)

WooHoo with 10 Different Sims
+ Stink, Fitness
- Hardworker

Become Celebrity Chef
+ Blonde Hair, Mechanical
- Makeup

Have 10 Simultaneous Lovers
+ Fitness, Hardworker
- Makeup

Belle really wanted to play the piano, but it was out of tune. She ended up spending probably a good two hours trying to tune it because she has 0 mechanical skills. It was a little bit funny how often the lid fell on her. XD

Jefferson has a lot of free time since he doesn't work and has all his skills maxed, so he spends a lot of his time on the phone trying to make friends to help Jordan get promotions.

And Jordan spends her free time skilling for said promotions.

Barliman brought Jules O'Mackey home from school. Since he's a Romance Sim and has the want to ask someone on a date...

He does! Luckily she says yes.

I'm getting lucky with the chance cards.

No Sim date is complete without some pillow fighting.

Dang. Beth looks good with long hair. It's a bit weird that her hair suddenly gets a lot longer because of that work uniform, but whatever.

Jordan maxed Mechanical!

Barliman is quickly wooing Jules.

Like...super quickly.

Meanwhile Boromir is playing on the couch while Belle is trying to study. XD

Barliman and Jules end on a dream date!

The next day, six of the seven teenagers managed to fit into one car for work.

Barney brought Tina Traveller home from school, so he attempts to befriend her before she heads home.

Dang it! So much for being lucky.

Luckily she just bumped down to level 1 instead of actually losing her job.

It's really confusing since Beth and Bev have the same career outfit, so they look exactly the same when they get home from work.

Another night spent skilling. Barliman also managed to max Cooking.

Woo! Thanks, Jules!

It snowed so much that the kids get a snow day, and Bev made breakfast for everyone.

Barney really liked it. XD

There might not be school, but there's still work!

Another skill maxed!



Okay, that worked better than poor Bartemius.

Again, "fired" just means back to level 1, I guess.

Jordan and Boromir have better luck at work.

Before too long, it's time for the last set of quads to become adults!





There's always one.

Just...no ACR babies okay? I see that "Have a Baby" want, but you already have 25 kids. You're good.

Barney and Belle both maxed Cooking (but I missed Barney's doodad).

So close!

Okay. I want you guys to be friends, but maybe you shouldn't choose to hang out outside in the middle of winter on the snowy sidewalk.

Time for another birthday! The last child is ready to become a teenager.

WooHoo with 10 Different Sims
+ Jewelry, Creative
- Fatness

The portraits of the quads are done!

So it's time for them to move out.

Yay! Jordan completed a second LTW. Her new one is Graduate 2 Children From College, which isn't gonna happen. I might reroll it next week.

And the week ends with the kids sleeping in because there's another snow day. Also, there are only 4 kids left in the household. We haven't had this few kids since the beginning! I'm so close to the end.