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Pony walks off to work since she missed her carpool.

Saul starts his day off with a bath, does yoga for most of the day, and then shares some spaghetti with Carissa later in the evening.

Pony wants to be a Mad Scientist, and the easiest way for her to get a job right now is to work on getting her gold robotics badge and maxing Logic.

I don’t think it counts since the burglar alarm went off before she could steal anything?

The next morning, Pony goes into labor just as she’s about to take a bath.

Saul makes his way in to go pee and is able to meet his son Taylor while on the toilet. Great first impression.

Taylor McNeill
Gemini (2/9/9/7/3)

Pony wants to teach Taylor to talk, so she wastes no time in moving out to the main area of the house and starting to teach him to talk.

Pony gives Taylor some tickles before heading off to work.

Maybe teaching your son to walk near the open un-blocked off staircase isn’t the best idea, Saul?

Pony plants some fresh strawberries and then runs inside to woohoo with Saul.

The next morning, Saul finishes teaching Taylor to walk.

Saul also manages to teach Taylor his nursery rhyme and how to use the potty.

Another baby is on the way!

Taylor got Saul’s INSANE eyebrows, but he’s still super cute.

The family spends Saturday outside. Pony takes care of the garden and then makes some more toy robots. I wish it was quicker and easier to gain a robotics badge. *sigh*

On Monday morning, Pony gets her Silver gardening badge while tending to the garden.

I played a little past 7AM just to see the baby.

It’s another boy. And another T name because I thought it was cute. Meet Teddy!

The week ends with Teddy growing up.

Teddy McNeill
Sagittarius (2/3/9/7/4)


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