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Cheyenne throws up and then joins Derrick for some breakfast.

Derrick gets a job in the first open career to help out with money. With so many kids getting ready to move out (and the fact that I have the no 20k handout so they take money from the household), they need more money!

The throwing up at the beginning of the week made me suspect it, but a Cheyenne-Derrick baby is confirmed!

Derrick is off to his first day of work!

Promotion on the first day…nicely done!

I forgot that the cowplant still needed to be milked from when some random townie ate the cake. So Cheyenne just gained a few more days. She’s so much younger than the other founders because of all the Sims the cowplant has eaten. XD

Claire has her birthday! :)

Claire Norris
Have 3 Grandchildren
+ Full Face Makeup, Hats
- Alienism

Allison makes some grilled cheese sandwiches for herself and her younger siblings join in.

So fun to impale yourself in the door while fixing the tub.

I almost missed Cheyenne giving birth to Melissa.

Melissa Norris
Taurus (6/7/6/10/6)

Is it weird to call a Sim-eating hybrid plant cute? Because the cowplant is adorable.

I may or may not have locked Derrick in the basement, surrounded by dirty dishes, in the hopes that he’ll die by flies…

The girls get jobs to help with money.

Melissa learned to talk just in time for her birthday!

Allison grows up too!

Meanwhile, Claire is being scared by the ghost of Roslyn…

Allison moves out late on Sunday night.

FINALLY. I mean…uh…I’ll miss you Derrick?

The week ends with Cheyenne weeding the garden.


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