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We’ve got a new household! Dane moved into one of the new apartment buildings in town and is now neighbors with Jordan Grayling.

He does the crossword and looks for a job, but isn’t able to find a job in Journalism yet. Hopefully soon since he really needs money.

Dane invites Cheyenne over to show off his super bare apartment to his mom.

On Tuesday, Dane finds a job and gets a roommate, so it’s a nice productive day!

I was kinda hoping that Dane and Kelly would have chemistry, but no luck. Oh well. They get along well so at least they’ll be good friends.

Dane uses the money from his promotion to buy a toilet, shower, and mirror. Small steps towards furnishing his apartment…but at least now he has all the important stuff.

Poor Dane looks really upset, even with the promotion. Luckily I have an idea for how to make him happier…

A date! That’ll perk Dane up.

It’s a dream date. :)

I had Dane greet Mistelle Glen because she was heart farting over him as he got home from work, but then they actually had chemistry! I mean only one bolt, but still…

Dane asks Mistelle on a date to get to know her better.

The date went really well.

So well that Dane proposes!

So Mistelle moves in.

Mistelle Glen
Become City Planner
Capricorn (7/4/1/8/5)
+ Underwear, Full Face Makeup
- Cologne

On Sunday night, Dane asks Kelly to move out since he’s now engaged to Mistelle and his younger sister Allison has moved in with him, so they don’t really need another person helping out with the rent anymore.

The week ends with Dane and Mistelle moving to a new apartment complex with bigger apartments, because Allison moved in too! And now that Dane and Mistelle are engaged, that means marriage and babies could happen anytime (depending on wants and risky woohoo), so a three bedroom apartment will be nice anyway.

Apartment floorplan is the Broke makeover by [personal profile] allisas because I love it so much.


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