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Kitty works on another painting while Phillip takes out the trash and Nathan heads off to work.

At least he didn't get demoted like he did the first time before I accidentally quit without saving.

It's a good thing Phillip is a teen now because he gets home from school way before either of his parents.

Kitty wants to gain another skill point and since her only skill left is Body, she starts jump roping in the front yard.

The kitties are still here! I want to have more kittens, but no stray cats have walked by for the family to try and adopt and I'm not allowing adoption until service calls are unlocked with 500 population, so it'll be a while until they can do anything.

Kitty and Nathan are still as much in love as ever, even if they don't show it much.

Kitty comes home with a cold instead of a promotion.

But Nathan gets a promotion! He also got better at some point, but I didn't take a picture of the pop-up.

Phillip maxed out Creativity!

Poor Kitty went on a hike and was followed home by bees who proceeded to chase her around the lot for a while.

I love it when the playable kids get to know each other. :)

Nathan got home just in time to greet the Headmaster! Phillip wanted to get into private school so I've decided that because Education has been topped, private school is open to any students who have an A+, and it'll be 250 dollars a week per child.

The pork chops that Kitty makes for dinner go a long way and Phillip gets into private school!

Lemon and Pepper showed up to play!

I really want a PlantSim. I don't have any supernaturals yet in Woodpine Valley and I want that to change.

Aaaaaand no more promotions allowed for Kitty since we can only have one Mayor at a time and that's my simself!

Still no PlantSim Nathan, but the fruits and veggies are ready to harvest.


Phillip is not having much luck with fixing the broken shower.

Hopefully Nathan will be able to top Science next week. He's doing so well!

The week ends with Kitty maxing her final skill and then crawling into bed. :)


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