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Keika starts off the week by rolling a want for a baby. Sorry, but ain't gonna happen! Your twins are about to become adults and I don't that big of an age gap.

They may not be having any more kids, but that doesn't stop them from woohooing. XD

Rowan wanted to get into private school and even though they only have a few days until aging up, he invites the headmaster over to try and get himself and Brooke in.

A few hours later, Erik gets a handshake from the Headmaster. The twins are in!

They look so cute in their new outfits.

Most of the plants were ready for harvest at once, so Keika spends several hours harvesting and replanting.

Some of the other second gen kids get invited over for a birthday party and Brooke and William hop into bed right away.

Now that the woohoo is done, it's time for the twins to age up!

And they're adults!

Brooke studied Couples Counseling, so she's able to get a job in Law now so she can work on her LTW.

She looks for a job but isn't able to find one yet.

Brooke has some grilled cheese for breakfast the next morning and then the whole family heads to Tuck In.

At some point, Rowan started making out with a random townie. Might be interesting to see if they have any chemistry...

Back at home, Brooke invites over Mort Pickering, a townie she met at the store.

Date time. :)

Rowan needs a community lot to be able to get a job in Business, so he buys his own club.

Brooke and Mort are still on their date and waste no time in woohooing. Brooke hasn't changed. XD

Mort wanted to get engaged, so Brooke proposes to him.

Then she asks him to move in!

Brooke and Mort both manage to find jobs.

And here's Mort after a slight makeover.

Family/Grilled Cheese
Reach Golden Anniversary
Cancer (6/3/6/4/6)
+ Logical, Mechanical
- Glasses

Brooke gets a promotion on her first day!

Mort's OTH is Tinkering, so he happily fixes the shower.

Allison walked by and invited herself in, and she and Rowan quickly jumped into bed.

Brooke was getting some action too. ;)

Time for a quick wedding!

I forgot that Erik still needs some skill points for his final promotion, so he starts working on that towards the end of the week.

On Sunday night, Rowan moves out to his own place!

I realized I don't have any supernaturals in town yet, so Mort starts stargazing in an attempt to get abducted.


The week ends with Brooke throwing up into a very dirty toilet.

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Brooke turned out so pretty! ♥


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