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Aelin is off to her last day of school!

Sherbet is an elder now!

That'll help with a Downtown!

Aelin and Adam get home from school and head off to work almost immediately.

Well this isn't a good sign for our future mayor...

It's birthday time for Aelin!

That shirt and skirt aren't terrible, but together they make an interesting outfit...

Tilly is an elder now, too.

Aelin starts looking for a job in Politics again so she can work on taking over for her mom.

Blake tried to make some turkey for the family and started a fire. Whoops.

Carissa maxed out Body, which was the last skill for her!

Aelin cleans the cat beds and then calls and adopts another cat. Technically adoptions aren't unlocked until population 500, with other services, but I'm allowing it because her mom is the mayor and should get SOME exceptions to rules, right?

So meet Ursa!

Hopefully soon Ursa will have a good enough relationship with ONE of the other cats to try for babies. I don't even care which one. XD

Aelin heads to the park to try and meet some ladies. She meets a few who might maybe be able to become something more.

The next morning, Aelin invites over one of the townies she'd met the night before, Maribel Cornell.

She asks her on a date and it's off to a good start!

One last makeout before Blake becomes an elder!

Awwww, he's so cute!


Aelin is able to easily snag a promotion on her first day.

Aelin invites Maribel over for a booty call and falls in love! Still no marriage wants though, probably because she's a Romance sim.

Adam doesn't get a birthday party because I completely forgot. Whoops.

Not wanting to be tied down to one Sim, Aelin invites Lecia Aleman over for a date.

I missed a picture, but Aelin fell in love with Lecia when saying goodbye after their date.

The next morning, Aelin flirts with a random townie walkby.

On Sunday night, Adam moves out to his own place.

The week ends with Carissa cleaning the cat houses outside.


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