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It's time for Aragorn's first week in his own house! He brought Elide with him when he moved out, so he gives her some attention before heading off to work.

Aragorn greets Gavin Horton, who sets him up on a blind date with Jasper Eckert.

Gavin just kind of creeps the whole time they're outside. XD

So they go inside to get away from him!

They had a dream date and Jasper falls in love when Aragorn kisses him goodnight.

Meanwhile Elide is being a total derp with the bird.

Aragorn invites Jude Adamo over on a date since they had such a good time at the end of last week.

It doesn't take Aragorn long to fall in love. Jude was already in love with Aragorn. He apparently has that effect on Sims...

Because Aragorn rolled the want to get engaged to Jude, he proposes and Jude says yes!

And Jude moves in!

Jude Adamo
Become Prestidigitator
Capricorn (6/1/10/4/4)
+ Jewelry, Athletic
- Underwear

Aragorn wanted to get married, but neither of them rolled the want for a wedding party, so they have a private ceremony in their own home the next morning.

Jude has no job yet, so he spends most of his time cleaning up around the house.

Obviously setting the pile of leaves on fire is the best way to dispose of them.

Aragorn wanted to fall in love with Jasper, even though he's happily married to Jude, so he invites him over and is quickly able to fall in love. And then Jasper goes home.

Aragorn wasn't feeling well after work, so he took a bubble bath.

Baby on the way!

Apparently nothing exciting happened for a day, so have a second pop!

And we end the week with Aragorn and Jude getting ready for work.


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