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Nichola starts the week by making the bed before going off to work.

She gets a nice bonus at work and donates it all to the downtown/university fund. We're so close to being able to afford one of them.

Awww! <3

William tries and fails to flirt with a townie teen.

No party because I wasn't paying attention, but Nichola is now an elder!

In the morning, Nichola invites Carissa over to give her a new outfit that she sewed the night before AND the genie lamp that the family earned a while back so that Carissa can wish for money and put it all towards unlocking a Downtown and a University.

Yay! Carson's new LTW is to Eat 75 Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, which is totally doable.

William tends to the garden and then joins his parents inside for a quiet night of skilling.

William invites Jordan and some friends over because it's his birthday!

Of course Nichola and Carson had to run off to woohoo. XD

Brooke may be married now and possibly pregnant, but that doesn't stop her from accepting Jordan's flirts and kisses. She falls in love with him!

William met Cora Brewster the next morning and they have THREE BOLTS.

He asks her on a date right away.

They don't really need the money, so Carson sent it to Carissa for a Downtown.

William and Cora wasted no time in hopping into William's bed.

They are SUPER CUTE.

Dream date!

Even though I don't see marriage in their future since both of them are Romance sims, I can't pass up on three bolters, so Cora moves in!

She's Romance/Popularity with the LTW Have 10 Simultaneous Lovers. She likes Brown Haired Witches who don't wear Jewelry.

No party for Carson either, but he sure is a cute old man!

I don't know how likely ACR is to have Cora get pregnant, so I'm having William look for aliens as well.

That heart hiding in the bedding is William falling in love with Cora!

Cora doesn't get along all that well with Carson, but she's trying.

The week ends with Cora and William woohooing again. Hopefully next week Cora will get pregnant or William will get abducted and we'll have some babies.


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