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I've got a short update for you today. :)

Jordan moves into his own apartment and tires to meet his neighbors but one of them wasn't home and one didn't want to hang out, so he goes back to his place and does yoga. He wants to be thin, so that'll be his first goal.

He has the day off so he spends the day doing yoga and meeting townies.

He manages to get thin too.

And then starts the influx of promotions...

Broken up with a little romance. :) They only have one bolt though and Jordan hasn't rolled any wants about her, so I don't think anything'll happen.

Good Lord, poor boy has only one bolt with EVERYONE he's met.

At least work is going better than his love life.

MUCH better. It's only been a week and he's already almost done with his LTW!

I wanted to send Jordan on a date after his successful work week, so he invites Jolene Woodham over on a date since they have the highest chemistry (according to the handy chemistry button on his phone). The "highest chemistry" is still only one bolt though.

That one bolt is enough for them to want to woohoo though.

To my surprise, Jolene is the first to fall in love AND roll a want to get engaged! She's a Romance sim so I locked it while it was still there. Jordan wants to fall in love with her but hasn't yet, even though their relationship is 100/100 so I feel like he should have...hopefully next week it'll happen and he'll want to get engaged too.

But that will have to wait, since the week has come to an end.


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