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The update starts with Kailani running off to do who knows what.

Maggie helps Cole to grow up. He gets the Inquisitive trait!

He's so cute!

Maggie takes Cole to the potty and then he plays with the giant unicorn.

It doesn't take him long to start playing in the toilet.

Kailani is so cute!

Maggie wanted to kiss someone and since Kengo was fishing, she ran over and kissed him.

Cole had a nightmare and went to Sophie for comfort.

Cole curled up on the couch since he was too scared to sleep in his bed.

Maggie makes a cake, because it's Kailani's birthday!

I also bought Toddler Stuff at this point, so I now have the slide!

Cole looks a bit nervous, but he actually quite liked it.

Maggie has another boy named Luka.

Kailani got upset with the doll house, so she needed some hugs from Momma.

Mortimer!! I really want him to be a baby daddy if I can.

Apparently Kailani got so upset that she smashed the dollhouse.

Maggie invites Victor Feng over and strikes a sexy pose, which he seems to really like.

First kiss and a woohoo happen very quickly.

And the next baby is on the way!

Victor is not happy about the baby.

It's finally time for Kailani to grow up! She now has the Active trait and Social Butterfly aspiration. Although the aspirations don't matter as much, since I doubt any of the kids will actually finish them.

I may have gasped when I saw Caleb Vatore outside. Livvielove's Ghibli Legacy was the main reason I bought Vampires, and I love Caleb because of her story.

Here's Kailani after her makeover.

Maggie keeps painting and decides to start writing novels as well.

The monster under the bed showed up and Kailani tried talking to it. She actually succeeded and was able to get it to leave.

Vladistraus Straud stopped by and Maggie greeted him flirtatiously and kissed his hands. He wasn't thrilled, but he also didn't pull away.

Sophie and Kailani decided to become Partners in Crime!

I'm not sure where the red hair is from, but Luka sure is cute! He has the Inquisitive trait.

It's Love Day, so Maggie invites Henry on a date!

So sweet!

I spied Carson at the bar, so I had Maggie go over and kiss him to help with her aspiration, since she has to kiss 10 sims. She only has 3 more to go!

With the date done, Maggie has completed her goals for Love Day!

Once the girls are home from school, Luka is able to get a makeover.

He really doesn't like the slide.


I bought monkey bars for Sophie to do her aspiration, but I ended up selling them and the jungle gym later because there's no way I'm doing the aspirations for all the kids, and they need the money!

Because I remembered that I can age up kids early if they've hit certain goals, it's time for a double birthday!

Cole is up first because he's at least level 3 in each skill.

Cole's child trait is Good and his aspiration is Rambunctious Scamp.

Since Sophie has an A in school, she ages up too!

She gains the Self-Assured trait and has the Fabulously Wealthy aspiration.

Sophie has some huuuuuge lips, but she's pretty.

I didn't change much about Cole cause he actually looked good.

Maggie has another boy named Theodore. And that's the end for this update! :)


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