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While Pony is at work and Taylor is at school, Saul spends the day teaching Teddy his toddler skills.

Pony comes home promotion-less and starts jumping rope to get some body skills for another promotion.

Taylor watched TV for most of the night before finally going and doing his homework by himself at like 8 at night.

Teddy has learned to walk!

The boys are so cute!

It was at this point that I realized Pony and Saul hadn't woohooed in a while and I felt bad.

So they got to enjoy some woohoo the next morning before Pony's carpool arrived.

Another day spent at home skilling the toddler.


Seriously, how cute is Teddy???

And it's his birthday, so he gets even cuter!

I mean just look at that face!

Yay, go Pony!

Um...what?? I wasn't prepared for another baby...

No. No, no, no, no, no! Grim, you can't take him! His wife is pregnant again!!

Grim: I don't make the rules.'re the Lord of Death. Doesn't that mean you do in fact make the rules?

Grim: ...

Grim: My wife makes the rules.

So because Grim's wife decided that it was his time, Saul passes away before he even gets to meet his third child.

Teddy wanted some homework help, so he woke up Pony to ask for help.

Pony spends Saturday hanging out with the boys and resting before the baby comes.

And on Sunday morning, it's baby time!

It's a girl named Tabitha.

All three of the kids look so much like Saul! Oh my gosh. Shes Sagittarius (2/4/9/7/4).

Pony starts teaching Tabitha to walk while the boys play chess.

Before too long, it's time for Taylor to grow up! He's now Popularity/Romance with the LTW Own 3 Top-Level Businesses.

He looks so proud to be a teen. XD

The week ends with Taylor helping Tabitha use the potty chair.


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