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Cheyenne starts the week by tending to the garden and then meeting possible spouses as townies walk by.

Well that's not helpful.

So now the sole source of income is gone...and I never did mange to find Claire a new job. There was never anything open.

Cheyenne greets Lirit Lopez and wastes no time in asking her on a date.

But first, it's birthday time for the twins! Alex is up first.

Popularity/Grilled Cheese
Have 10 Simultaneous Best Friends
+ Swimwear, Full Face Makeup
- Mechanical

Poor Anna was tired and had already crawled into bed, so I had to wake her up for her birthday.

Become City Planner
+ Underwear, Mechanical
- Swimwear

Cheyenne's date with Lirit goes well though.

Or it goes well until the ghosts show up and scare off Lirit. Really though, they're just looking out for her. She's going to be one of the ghosts if she doesn't run away now.

Cheyenne invites Lirit over again the next morning when the kids are at school.

They both fall in love during woohoo.

Cheyenne isn't getting any younger, so it's time for spouse number 6!

They're wasting no time. It's time for a wedding!

I don't think Lirit has any idea what she just got herself into.

Lirit gets a job in Education to help with money and gets a promotion her first day. Also, here are her stats, even though she'll be dead soon so it doesn't matter:

Marry off 3 Children
Cancer (6/3/6/4/6)
+ Full Face Makeup, Athletic
- Swimwear

Cheyenne starts a romance with the Head Warlock whose name might be Lestat or something like that?? I don't remember now.

Lirit tried to make a nice dinner for her new step-family, but only Anna made it to the table. Teddy McNeill was over, along with a townie teen, so they joined in too.

Oh no! That's so weird that Lirit wandered's almost like someone told her to do it...

I can't wait until we're done having babies.

I don't know if I'll actually have Cheyenne marry the warlock, but he's real good at getting Lirit's relationship with Cheyenne down all the way.


Yay! I have a supernatural in Woodpine Valley!!

Cheyenne is too nice to be an evil witch, so she'll be neutral instead.

The arrival of the baby interrupts her witchly studies though.

Make that arrival of the babies. It's twin boys Bernard and Tate.

I feel like a burning tree is not a good omen when giving birth...

Bernard Norris
Cancer (6/2/6/5/6)

Tate Norris
Pisces (6/3/9/4/6)

Time to start skilling the toddlers!

I want another death type, so I build a small pool and *accidentally* delete the ladder once Lirit is swimming.

Claire is now an adult!

Lirit looks so peaceful.

But all good things come to an end...buh-bye Lirit!

On a happier note, Bernard managed to learn to walk!

And Cheyenne has met another new townie who's a possible spouse.

Things go well.

I think Claire is happy to leave the haunted house though. Maybe I'll have the next batch of kids to move out take the younger siblings with. The rules don't say the kids HAVE to stay in the house until they're adults...

The week ends with Cheyenne sending Aria home after a successful date. Hopefully next week she'll become spouse number 7! I'm getting close to finishing this challenge, guys!!


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