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I've got another update today and it's a lot longer than I meant it to be.

While Sophie is excited about a new baby in the house, Kailani is not.

Sophie has started painting as well to help out with money in the household.

I swear, something is always broken in this household.

Kailani tries to talk to baby Theodore, but he doesn't want to be talked to. He wants to be fed, and Kailani can't do that!

Maggie invites Henry Barron over.

It's time to try for the next baby!

Maggie is pregnant again and runs out to the living room to tell Henry.

He's not super happy about it.

Henry cleans up a mess outside and then heads home.

Luka is ADORABLE. He's my favorite of the kids so far.

Kailani may not have started out very happy about having a new brother, but she quite likes him now.

Luka makes a mess outside and then goes in to play with his blocks before bed.

It's Monday, so the kids have projects from school!

But first, it's time for Theodore to grow up. I apparently forgot to take a picture of him as a toddler, but he got the Charmer trait.

Maggie goes outside to help Kailani and Cole with their projects.

Sophie bakes a cake because it's time for her birthday since she has an A in school.

She gets Family-Oriented as her third trait. She moves in with her dad (and his family, which is a bit awkward) at the end of the night.

But first she helps Luka grow up since he has at least level 3 in each skill.

Luka grows up and gets the Perfectionist trait and Rambunctious Scamp aspiration.

Here's Theodore as a toddler, by the way.

I was really hoping that Maggie would have multiple babies since I gave her the Fertile trait before she and Henry woohooed, but she just has one baby, a girl named Isis.

There's always one who isn't excited about a new sibling.

Maggie makes some dinner and then gives Theodore a bath.

I felt like Maggie should get some new pajamas since she now has so many kids running around the house. She shouldn't be wearing a bra and underwear in front of the kids. XD

Maggie helps Theodore with the blocks once the older kids are off at school.

Maggie gets a biiiiiit too close to Mortimer Goth.

He doesn't seem to mind though.

I feel a bit bad about potentially causing problems between Mortimer and Bella, but I love Morty and want his babies!

The kids do their homework so they can get A's in school.

Meanwhile, Maggie and Mortimer are woohooing.

And the next pregnancy is confirmed!

Mortimer is about excited as one could expect him to be.

Kailani has an A in school now, so it's time for her to grow up!

She gets the Loves Outdoors trait and Super Parent aspiration.

Kailani does her homework before heading to bed.

Cole comes home with an A the next day, so he has his birthday!

He gets the Gloomy trait Big Happy Family aspiration.

Cole helps grow up Isis. She now has the Silly trait.

She's so cute!

I think Sophie misses the family. She keeps calling and asking her siblings to hang out, and then she stopped by for a visit on her own.

I love being able to have the teens help out with the toddlers.

Cole gets a job as a barista.

So I bought a bar so he can practice his mixology.

Luka wanted to play in a pile of leaves and luckily there were some nearby, so he runs out in the rain and kicks the leaves around.

That is not how you age up a toddler, Cole.

Oh well, Theodore still grows up okay. He has the Loner trait and Artistic Prodigy aspiration.

Oh my God Maggie is going to POP.

Luckily it's baby time!

And we have our first set of multiples! Maggie has twins Nicholas and Rory.

Cole helps out with the twins since Maggie is exhausted.

I don't ever want Cole to leave. He's so helpful!

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Yay another update! I love seeing all the kids growing up. So many, and so many more to come! Also, that Mortimer picture where she gets a little too close is so funny. Glad you were able to get him as a baby daddy even if it might cause him problems with Bella. Can't wait to see what else is in store for them all!


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