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Mia finally got a job in her dream career!

She also started her novel since she needs to write one for one of my handicaps and I refuse to forget about it until she's an elder like I did with Vivian. XD

Mia and Amin both come home with promotions.

Juan and Vivian spend most of their free time just skilling since they've both maxed their careers and completed at least one LTW.

They do occasionally woohoo though. :)

I just really liked the idea of an old lady running around naked, so I made her choose that option. XD

Poor Mia is exhausted from her pregnancy.

I don't know why Amin looks so upset since he's actually best friends with Vivian...

Mia finished her novel and it sold really well. :)

Baby time!

It's a boy named Robert.

Either Amin has hidden red hair or Robert got Grandma Vivian's red hair. Either way, I'm here for it! Robert is a Libra (4/9/4/4/7).

We need a girl, so Mia and Amin waste no time in trying for another baby.

Robert is such a cutie!

Even when he's not wanting to learn his skills.


Robert has been taught to talk!

They're both doing so well in their careers!

Amin tried to make a grilled cheese sandwich and set the stove on fire.

I think Vivian likes having a baby in the house again. She rolled wants to teach Robert all three of his skills.

Damn she's big.


Time for the first and currently only baby to become a child! Hopefully he'll have a sibling soon.

Ooooh, perfect timing!

First baby is Edward.

And the second baby is Priscilla. Unless Mia surprises me with another pregnancy, Cilla will be our heiress.

Another red-head! Edward is a Leo (4/10/4/4/3).

Oh my God she's adorable! She's an Aries (7/7/6/5/3)

Amin starts teaching Priscilla to walk while Robert paints.

Meanwhile Mia starts teaching Edward to talk.

We'll end this update with Priscilla learning to walk.


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