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Julie decided to stop by for a visit, which was nice.

Ezra and Aidan work together to teach Xavier to walk.

Whoo! Go, Rose!

Now I can't remember if Xavier learned to walk in time or not...

Either way, he's cute.

I wanted a third baby, so Meadow is pregnant again.

Ashley stopped by for a visit too!

I love how the toddlers never want to learn to talk.

Kell quickly learns to talk and then use the potty chair.

Aidan keeps working on teaching Charles his commands since we get more points for it (also it'll help with promotions).

Meadow is steadily getting bigger!

Ezra spends a lot of his free time teaching Charles his commands since he only works a few nights a week.

Time for Kell to grow up!

He's. So. Cute.

Woo, go Charles!

Baby time!

It's a girl named Jenna.

Jenna is an Aquarius (2/4/4/8/7).

Ezra starts working on a novel because I forgot about that handicap for both families.

Kell, I love you!

Ooooh, puppy time!

It's just a single puppy named Kevin.

Seriously, no toddler ever wants to learn to talk. XD

This is my way of showing you that Jenna learned to talk because I missed her actual memory doodad.

Kell wants homework help, so he gets help from Aidan.

Ezra finished his novel!

That awkward moment when training the dog looks like you're dying.

Time for Aidan to start his novel!

I don't know why I took this picture, but Kell is adorable. He's my favorite and if I don't do an heir poll, I'm totally picking him as heir.

Aidan doesn't even bother to change out of his work clothes before he starts teaching Charles another skill.


I so rarely use the career rewards that I had no idea that the Slacker garden thingy actually raises Gardening!

We end this update on a kind of odd note with Jenna learning to use the potty chair.


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