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I've got one big-ass post here for you today. I decided to give the Boolprop Immortal Teenager (rules) challenge an attempt, so here we go!

Following the tragic and unfortunate death of my parents and twin sister in a fire that had absolutely nothing to do with me, no matter what the people of Pleasantview may tell you, I decided it was high time for me to leave that dump.

I ran into Skip Broke here leaving town as well. Turns out he faked his death because he didn't want to be a dad or husband anymore. When his heavily pregnant wife found out, she kicked him to the curb and he felt like the safest thing for him to do would be leave. Since it's easier for me to get a house and get into school and stuff if I have a guardian of some sort, we've moved to Veronaville together.

Apparently Veronaville High got my grades from Pleasantview. I was hoping that a new place would allow me to start over with higher grades, but apparently not.

I was able to find a job in Slacker pretty quickly, which is good. Apparently Skip's last name isn't just a joke: he is actually broke. And since I ran away, I'm broke too.

I spend some time painting before doing my homework. Skip is absolutely no help, so I don't even bother asking him to help me with it.

Skip is a complete dumbass. He spends all his time writing in his diary, so I'm forced to fend for myself. I never thought I would say this, but I miss my mom. She and my dad may have been shitty parents, but at least breakfast was always ready before school.

I'm a little nervous to leave Skip alone while I go off to work, but I guess if he can survive while I'm at school, he'll survive my three-hour shift, right?


I didn't get a promotion, but I was able to find a new job that'll hopefully pay more and I also sold a painting.

Author's note: I'm going for the Jack of All Trades extra challenge, which means Lilith needs to go to work at least one day in each base game career track.

We can't afford a computer yet so I don't have a lot of ways to get my fun up, so I sometimes have to resort to jumping rope.

I got a bit behind on my homework, so I had to play catch up. I'm used to being able to convince my boyfriend to do my homework for me. I feel a bit bad that I just left Dirk without even saying anything to him, but I think he'd understand. We weren't super serious anyway.

Skip is a terrible guardian. He just sits around whining all day and leaves me to fend for myself. I'm getting good at cooking though. If Mom were still alive, and actually liked me, she'd be proud of me.

Seriously, such a dumb ass! He could have made himself some fresh food, but instead he had to eat the rotten food, which means that Skip now has food poisoning.

I'm not even surprised, to be honest.

Honestly, Skip being dead hasn't changed anything. I still go to school, work, and paint in my free time.

I also try to talk to as many people as I can. As a Popularity sim, I get real bored real fast, especially now that Skip isn't around for me to talk to when I need it.

It took several days of hard work, but I finally got an A+! Take that, Angela!

I also topped my career. I don't make much money though, so I switched jobs again.

I got a genie lamp, but I don't know what to do with it.

I'd heard rumors of some elixir that makes you younger and I was able to finally get some and drink it.

Author's Note: It was so hard to get enough aspiration points to buy this before her birthday. She had like three days to go, so I cut it much closer than I would have liked.

I was FINALLY able to meet some of the other teenagers here in town. They have the weirdest names: Mercutio and Romeo. Turns out they're brothers.

I invited Romeo over again. I think he's unofficially dating someone in town, but then again I'm still technically dating Dirk since I just left. What they don't know won't hurt them, right?

I learned how to make pork chops!

I also got my first kiss out of Romeo, which is kind of exciting.

One Monty boy wasn't enough for me and I may have started dating Romeo's brother, Mercutio, as well.

Author's Note: Technically she has to have 4 boyfriends/girlfriends but since it's such a pain to break up with sims in TS2, I'm just counting it if she falls in love with them. So she's now in love with both Romeo and Mercutio, so she's halfway there.

I'm still jumping around the different jobs available to me.

Mercutio came over for a visit and we had the couch.

I met another local teen, Puck Summerdream. I swear, the parents here must HATE their kids to give them such weird names.

I threw a party for some of the teens I've met, but Mercutio was the only one to show up.

We still had a good party. (1/13)

Party time again! Luckily Mercutio and Romeo didn't seem to mind me dancing with Puck, even though we were REALLY close.


I was able to afford some seeds for a garden out back. (13 plants)

Another party of one! (3/13)

What can I say? Inviting one person over and calling it a party is an easy way for me to easily date around without any jealousy! (4/13)

I threw another party, but I invited more people this time.

I had to be really careful with the kissing, but no one caught me.


I got a bit cocky, thinking I could flirt with anyone I wanted and have them accept it. Tybalt Capp isn't so easily swayed though.

I invited the Capp siblings and Puck Summerdream over for a party.

It was another great party! (6/13)

Another night, another party, another romantic conquest.


Luckily Juliet and Hermia didn't seem to mind me making out with their brother.


This was the last painting I had to hang on my walls, so now I can start to sell my paintings again for more money!

Author's Note: Masterpieces in the Sims 2 are a bit harder to recognize, so I only hung paintings on the wall if they could be sold for over 500 simoleans. That seems to be the price point that counts as a masterpiece.


I'm so glad I can finally start selling my paintings. I don't make nearly enough money through my job.


Even with Mercutio and Juliet getting into a fight, I had another great party. (11/13)


Mercutio and Tybalt can't stand each other, so I had a bad party. Remind me not to invite both of them to the same party again.

I splurged and bought a flower making station to give myself something else to do.

I'm so glad I don't have to throw any more parties and I can just focus on my painting. (13/13)

One last bouquet and I'll have 13!

Now that the stupid pond has thawed after winter, I can finally start working on getting some fish to hang on my wall.

I think this is a really good way to end my challenge: getting into private school!

And now for all the points and stuff!

13 dishes made

13 paintings hanging on the wall (all count as masterpieces since they would have sold for over 500 simoleans)

13 hobby items (bouquets) and 13 fish

A+ and at least 13 skill points

13 friends, at least one BFF, and 4 boyfriends (or in this case, people she's in love with)

+130 points for challenges
+20 points for unused sick days (had to use one for headmaster visit)
+10 points for completing in 55 days
+1,147 points for unused aspiration points (114,760 unused)
+347 points for house worth, paintings, and money (rounded up from 346.8)
+25 points for Teenage Risk (have aging on)
+25 points for Perfectionist Streak (only hang masterpieces)
+20 points for Jack of All Trades (work one shift in each base game job)
+15 points for Private-Eye (get into private school with no help from caretaker)


Date: 2019-01-21 10:38 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] salamisimmer
This looks fun to play!

Date: 2019-01-22 12:01 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] victoriasims
This is awesome! I like that you used Lilith. She had a hard teenage life here, but it's nice to see her pulling stuff together on her own and making friends/being successful. It's hard work!


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