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We're back to the Olsens! Kitty gives Mocha some love once Nathan and Phillip are out of the house.

I also switched hair defaults, so expect everyone to look a bit odd the first time you see them. A few Sims have the same style hair with a different texture (like Kitty) but others (like Nathan and Phillip) have a completely new hair style now.

Kitty wants to get fit, so she does some yoga.

R.I.P. Ash. :(

Um...thanks, but no thanks? Nathan is HAPPILY married.

Of course Kitty's thinness finally kicks in after her the super tiny bathroom.

Hah, take THAT burglar!

Nathan was able to get two promotions in one day because he got a good chance card a few hours into work. So he's topped Science and completed a LTW! His new LTW is to Max Out 5 Skills, which is totally doable. I think he's already at 3 skills maxed, so it should be super easy.

He gets started on it right away with some help from his friendly Thinking Cap.

Phillip wants to gain Body points, so he spends a lot of his free time doing yoga.

He doesn't get to finish a session though, because it's his birthday!

I love Nathan shouting in his ear. XD


Nathan relinquishes the Thinking Cap to Phillip, who uses it to quickly gain some Body points.

Mocha and Coco are now elders! I'm a bit sad that I wasn't able to adopt any strays for them to have babies with, but oh well. Then again, I
can still have them have babies with a younger kitty...

Nathan loves working in the garden.

And I apparently missed him becoming a PlantSim! Not sure how since it usually makes my game lag to no end when someone transitions. Ah well, I'm just glad I'm finally getting some supernaturals in town.

Phillip maxed Body. :)

He isn't having any luck finding a job in Criminal though. Hopefully one will show up in the paper soon.

Plantbaby time!

Nathan spawns two Plantbabies: Elm

and Oak.

It's time for Phillip to start looking for a possible spouse! This cutie showed up a few minutes after him and I couldn't help but giggle at her mouthful of a name that's also really pretty: Agnieszka Crichton.

Luckily Phillip and Agnieszka get along real well. Two bolts!

Back at home, the "twins" share a super cute huggle.

Phillip plays chess while he waits for Agnieszka to get off work, but he invites her on a date as soon as she's off.

Cue usual date type stuff and general cuteness.

I mean just look at them!

So. Cute.

They even fall in love at the same time!

As soon as their date is done, Phillip sends Agnieszka home since it's like 1 in the morning.

But he invites her over again the next morning as soon as the sun is up.

He's wasting no time and asks her to move in.

Agnieszka Crichton
Have 3 Grandchildren
Cancer (6/3/6/4/6)
+ Jewelry, Logical
- Underwear

Phillip and Agnieszka play chess while Kitty and Nathan woohoo.

Later that night, Phillip and Agnieszka break in their new bed. ;)

I love them.

Engagement time!

I think I'll wait for marriage until Phillip has rolled a matching want, but this will do for now.

Kitty ages up into one cute elder!

The family has a computer now, and even with the increased number of job openings per day, Phillip STILL hasn't found a job in Criminal.

Elm and Oak are now best friends!

Nathan has taken up painting in his increased free time.

The week ends with Phillip and Agnieszka being adorable, as usual.


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