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I seriously never want Cole to grow up and move out. I mean I do because we need space for more babies, but he's also so good with the babies!

Isis asked for help with learning to talk I think? I don’t actually remember, but it was cute.

Then Isis spent most of the day working on her skills so that she can hopefully age up soon.

I switched Maggie to the Super Parent aspiration for a bit and she now needs to discipline a child 5 times. She gives Isis a quick hug before getting started on it.

It just means that Isis gets to strip off her clothes and make messes so that Maggie can ask her not to.

After school, the older kids do their homework and then make their way outside to work on their projects.

Maggie helps Luka and Theodore finish their projects so they can go to bed. Cole and Kailani are good on their own.

Something was making Isis sad, so Maggie swung her up and started playing with her in an attempt to cheer her up.

It worked and Isis happily kept working on her skills.

Kailani came home with an A so she bakes a cake and ages up! She gets Clumsy as her final trait and moves out of the house.

Maggie goes to visit Vlad the next morning. She randomly rolled a whim to woohoo with him and since we have more room in the house for more babies, it's time.

While Maggie takes a pregnancy test, Vlad is being super cute.

"Bleh. I am not cute!"

Yeah, you are. You're a cute little vampire!


Maggie tells Vlad the news and he takes it as well as everyone else does.

"This is all a big joke, right? Like on Pranked?"

"No. And would you even show up on the camera? Being a vampire and all."


"That's not the point."

Back at home, the twins have grown up! Here's Nicholas, who is Angelic.

And Rory is Fussy.

Time for some more birthdays! Cole got an A in school so he's now moving out. His final trait is Family-Oriented.

Luka has an A in school as well, so he gets to become a teenager! His new trait is Dance Machine and his aspiration is Painter Extraordinaire.

Isis is the final birthday of the night. Her trait is Perfectionist and her aspiration is Social Butterfly.

Isis gets a makeover and then does her homework before going to bed.

It's Harvest Fest, so the house gets some decorations thrown up.

Luka tries to appease one of the gnomes but fails because I have no idea what I'm doing.

Theodore is successful though.

Maggie starts teaching Rory to use the potty chair on his own.

She pleads with the gnome that Luka angered and is able to make it happy.

A very proud Maggie makes a fancy dinner.

I love that the toddlers join in on the meal, even if they don't sit at the table. I wasn't expecting Nicholas to answer the summons to the fancy meal.

A heavily pregnant Maggie with a baby pushing on her bladder keeps teaching Rory to use the potty chair.

Poor Theodore got a call that his dad passed away, so now he's sad.

Bella randomly decided to visit. I want her to be a baby momma though, so it works out perfectly.

Maggie went to the hospital to have the baby and came back with twins Lyndsay and Vanessa.

The update ends with Nicholas sadly playing with the blocks because Mortimer passed away. Nicholas and Rory may not have actually known their dad, but that doesn't stop the sadness.

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Awww its so sad when their parents pass away. At least they still have their mom and have lots of siblings to comfort them!!


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