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I come bearing another update! I've actually had this ready to go since like...Friday but was just too lazy to type it up. But here we are!

While Amin, Mia, and Juan all head off to work and Robert heads off to school, Vivian is home with the twins. She puts the time to use by teaching them some of their toddler skills, or at least starting to.

Priscilla is not excited to learn to talk. XD

Amin and Mia both came home with promotions!

Then Mia was super cute while dancing to the music.

And Vivian and Juan were super cute over dinner.

And Mia continues teaching Priscilla to talk.

Today is Juan's turn to stay home with the twins.

Amin is such a good dad. He's always doing whatever he can to take care of the kids.

He does take some time for himself though. Gotta get those skills so he can get promotions!

Robert does his homework by himself while Juan gives Priscilla a bath.

Stupid chance card!

Vivian may have gotten demoted, but she managed to max out all her skills while doing yoga!

The Ellwood family is not doing great with the chance cards this week. Mia "got fired" which luckily just means she's back to down to level 1 and she's not ACTUALLY fired. I would have been real mad if she had to spend time trying to find a job in Law again.

At least Amin is still doing well in his job.

*sigh* It's going to take so long to get back up to where she was.

Birthday time for the twins!


And our adorable heiress, Priscilla.

Really? Juan too?!

Aw, man! R.I.P. Juan. :(

The twins decided it was fun to wake up at 5 in the morning, so I made them play chess together.

I'm not sure yet what we'll use it for, but the family has a genie lamp now! I think I'll wait and see what wishes people roll. If all else fails, I'll just use it for money so I can completely redo the house at the beginning of generation 3.

Success! Amin got his tenth best friend over the phone. His new LTW is to Have 10 1st Dates, which AIN'T happening. I'm not making him cheat on Mia that much. One LTW is enough.

The kiddos spend most of the weekend skilling.

And Vivian is finally able to head back to work. Hopefully she'll be able to get promoted again so she'll back at the top.


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