03 April 2018 @ 02:47 pm
Harding Baby Boomers | Part Eleven  

Welcome back! Last time, Jordan had triplets Bartemius, Bev, and Barliman and then towards the end of the week, Barney. Now that all the required kids have been born, we just need to get all 25 of them to adulthood!

 Current Household:
Jefferson Harding, dad
Jordan Harding, mom
Bilbo, boy 7/12
Bill, boy 8/12
Beth, girl 10/12
Boromir, boy 9/12
Belle, girl 11/12
Berúthiel, girl 12/12
Bartemius, boy 10/12
Bev, girl 13/12
Barliman, boy 11/12
Barney, boy 12/12

I'm super thankful that the teens are eager to help out with the babies (even if it gets a little annoying sometimes), because it means that Jordan and Jefferson can sleep in.

Once the kids are off to school, Jefferson fixes the broken shower while Jordan eats another grilled cheese sandwich.

I want to try and get more points for teens who reach the top of a career, so Bill and Bilbo get jobs.

Hallelujah! Jordan's new LTW is Become Celebrity Chef, which is totally doable.

I missed the pop-up telling me it was almost Barney's birthday, so he has a birthday alone in his room.

Jordan finds a job in Culinary, so Jefferson quits his job.

Barney is so cute!

Birthday time for the quads!

Become Education Minister
+ Underwear, Grey Hair
- Fatness

Have 10 Simultaneous Best Friends
+ Brown Hair, Black Hair
- Formalwear
Earn 100,000
+ Red Hair, Unemployed
- Brown Hair

Have 10 Simultaneous Lovers
+ Brown Hair, Mechanical
- Formalwear

Sadly Jordan missed the quads' birthdays due to work, but she came home with a promotion!

Bilbo starts teaching Barney how to walk, but Bill is the one to finish the job.

I missed the doodad for him being potty trained, so I decided to do this instead to prove it. XD

Jefferson and Barney are best friends and it's so cute. <3

Jefferson quickly teaches Barney to talk, which means he's the fourth Harding toddler to be fully trained!

With so many kids, all the appliances in the house get really dirty really quickly, so Jefferson spends a morning running around the house cleaning the sinks, showers, and toilets.

Bill decided to skip school, but I didn't even notice until I got a notification that he gained a body skill point.

Barney wanted to learn the nursery rhyme and since Jordan hadn't done much with her youngest son, I had hear teach it to him.


I love seeing the siblings bond!

Time for the last toddler to become the last child!

So. Cute.

Well, hello there, Mr. Burglar.

I had the quads get jobs too, and Belle very quickly made it to the top of her career and became an overachiever.

Bill became an overachiever later that night.

I missed the doodads, but Barney maxed logic and Bilbo maxed body.

They both move to the easels.

Beth and Berúthiel max out cooking within a few minutes of each other.

Jefferson spends an evening talking to friends on the phone to help Jordan get a promotion.

It was a good work day for the Hardings!

And a good skilling day, as Bev and Bartemius both maxed cooking as well.

When Sunday night rolls around, it's time for Bill and Bilbo to grow up!



Ooops. I guess Bilbo was more upset about skipping college than Bill was.

Jordan and Jefferson get started on the portraits right away. Hopefully they can finish them quickly and I can move Bill and Bilbo out this week.

Belle maxes creativity and then heads to bed.

Jordan and Jefferson are able to finish the portraits before too long and then crawl into bed.

Early in the morning, Bill and Bilbo move out.